About Me

 Thank you for your visit to my space on the wall, sculpture on canvas. 

My name is Dean Phillips aka Caractac. Born in Wolverhampton, living in London since 1994. I've always had an appreciation for all forms of art, but I'd not taken the time to express my artistic talent other than singing. 

 In 2002 I painted on some acrylic boards simply, to pass the time of day. I fixed them to the wall and forgot about them, until my first camera phone. 
The memory was full, after the first day of taking photos of my art!

 An eye opener was how many levels were revealed within my paintings and sculpture. One strange aspect of the art which I create is that many of the sculpture look like monkeys and snakes. 

I then assemble, like a jigsaw puzzle to create artwork consisting of many individual sculpture. This is my sculpture on canvas and manipulated cARacTac™ prints. 

Please, feel free to contact me should you have any interest in my art, to purchase or perhaps you have an exhibition coming up where you need artists to exhibit their art work.

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2004 Caractac
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