Sculpture Gallery

In this sculpture gallery we have a selection of sculpture on canvas. 

When I began to save the sculpture, they were free standing. However as time went by I was creating so many that it became difficult to store them,   so I decided to adapt them to board and canvas.

1. Pot Belly
2. Fly Child
3. Telling 
4. Reasons
5. Guardians
7. Buffalo
9. Space Fabric

Many of the individual sculpture are much older than the finished artworks. For example a sculpture on number 9 was fixed to my living room wall, for two years before it found it's place on Space Fabric.

Number 9 has a sprinkle of turmeric and black pepper seeds, the result of a little spillage whilst in the kitchen and a rope that had fallen out of my jacket pocket. I guess you can see when I came up with the name.

Space Fabric 2009

Sculpture On
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